Adolf Hitler giving a speech about the party purge

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Dennis M. Ogawa Nippu Jiji Photograph Collection
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ddr-njpa-1-672 (G245.025)

Nippu Jiji Photograph Archive, "Gaijin" Collection

Caption on reverse [translation]: "Chancellor Hitler Reports to Reichstag on Party Purge. (Berlin) Rengo. A report on the recent purge of conspirators within the German Nazi party which claimed dozens of victims, most notably the former chancellor General Von Schleicher and SA leader Rohm, was given to the Reichstag on the evening of July 13 in its temporary meeting space of the Kroll Opera House, with all members in attendance. There were no dissenting voices following Chancellor Hitler's presentation of the report on the purge of heretical party members, with all shouting ""Heil Hitler"" and approving of the government's actions. The public was also able to hear the speech via special loudspeakers placed at important locations in the city, and they too were delighted by it. Photograph: Chancellor Hitler giving his speech in the Reichstag (in the Reichstag president's seat is Prussian Prime Minister Hermann Goering, said to be Hitler's right-hand man) .[Written] August 8, 1934."

August 8, 1934


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