Newspaper clipping regarding Galeazzo Ciano

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Dennis M. Ogawa Nippu Jiji Photograph Collection
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ddr-njpa-1-66 (G21.020)

Nippu Jiji Photograph Archive, "Gaijin" Collection

[Translation]: "Person of the Day: Ciano. Even though Italy's 'Albanian March,' which has caused all of Europe to shake, has not yet reached its finale, Ciano gallantly boarded a plane on the 8th, bound for the Albanian capital of Tirana.

Just 36 years old this year and already bearing the heavy of responsibility of taking Britain head on over diplomatic domination of the Mediterranean on his shoulders, one must imagine the young foreign minister's strengths. Although Britain's Eden surprised the world when he became foreign minister at the age of 38, Ciano gained the position in 1936, when he was just 33.

Born the eldest son of Count Costanzo Ciano of Great European War fame, he participated in the Fascists' famous March on Rome in 1923 at the mere age of 19. Youth, participation in the march, and strategic talents were all indispensable requirements for successful Fascists, and Ciano met all three. It's not surprising that he was chosen to marry Prime Minister Mussolini's daughter Edda. After their marriage in 1930, he advanced rapidly, serving as consul in Shanghai, minister of propaganda, and then foreign minister. He showed his skill in dealing with the Mediterranean and Spanish issues and it's being said that 'if he succeeds as foreign minister, there's no question that he'll be the second prime minister of Fascist Italy next.' [stamped] April 11, 1939."

April 11, 1939



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