Four photographs from scrapbook page

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Japanese American National Museum
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ddr-janm-1-2 (2000.378.2)

Mollie Wilson Murphy Collection

Four black and white photographs on a portion of a scrapbook page. From left to right, upper left corner: (1) Portrait of Mary Murakami. She has curly hair, wears eyeglasses, colored shirt and vest. (2) Portrait of Fujiko Murakami, Mary's sister. She wears pigtails and checkered jacket, and head tilted to proper left side. (3) Image of Mollie Wilson and Mary Murakami standing in front of a house. Mollie wears long-sleeved shirt, vest, and pants. Mary wears a floral dress. (4) Image of Mary in same location as photo no.3.

c. 1940s


Still Image

Japanese American National Museum

Courtesy of the Japanese American National Museum (Gift of Mollie Wilson Murphy, 2000.378)

Copyright restricted
Copyright restricted