A. Shibayama Collection


The A. Shibayama collection is comprised of photographs from the personal family collection of Art Shibayama, a Japanese Peruvian who was interviewed by Densho in 2003. The photos depict Art's life in prewar Peru, as well as his activities in Crystal City internment camp, Texas, and his military service in Europe.



14 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the A. Shibayama Collection

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Portrait of a couple (ddr-densho-91-1)
img Portrait of a couple (ddr-densho-91-1)
Kinzo and Masae Ishibashi, Art Shibayama's grandparents.
Portrait of a couple (ddr-densho-91-2)
img Portrait of a couple (ddr-densho-91-2)
Yuzo and Tatsue Shibayama, Art Shibayama's parents.
Family store (ddr-densho-91-3)
img Family store (ddr-densho-91-3)
Art Shibayama's grandmother (holding Art) and grandfather in their store.
Family in their home (ddr-densho-91-4)
img Family in their home (ddr-densho-91-4)
Art's family home in Lima, Peru, on Calle Santa Catalina. (L to R): Fusako, Akiko, Mother carrying Takeshi, Kenichi, Father, Kikue, Isamu (Art).
Family in front of car (ddr-densho-91-5)
img Family in front of car (ddr-densho-91-5)
Family at a park in Lima, Peru. (L to R): Mother, Takeshi, Fusako, Akiko, Kikue, Kenichi, Isamu (Art), Father in front seat of car.
Mother with two children (ddr-densho-91-6)
img Mother with two children (ddr-densho-91-6)
Studio photo of Art Shibayama's mother holding his sister Fusako, with Art standing.
Students in front of school building (ddr-densho-91-7)
img Students in front of school building (ddr-densho-91-7)
Back row, fourth from left is Emiko, a Japanese American Nisei, who volunteered to teach English. All the other students are Japanese Peruvians. Art Shibayama is in the front row, fourth from left.
Crystal City softball team (ddr-densho-91-8)
img Crystal City softball team (ddr-densho-91-8)
All players pictured are Japanese Peruvian except for one Japanese American in the front row, second from left. Art Shibayama is in the front row, third from left.

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