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The Ito collection, 1940s, features photographs of WRA camp inmates working on farms in Utah and Montana under the seasonal leave program. Also included are photographs of a family that relocated to Spokane, Washington, after World War II. Densho interviewed collection donor Toshio Ito in 1998.



32 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the Ito Family Collection

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Three children on a porch (ddr-densho-5-7)
img Three children on a porch (ddr-densho-5-7)
Left to right: Lillian, Janet, and Alan Fukuda on their porch. The Fukuda family was originally from Seattle and voluntarily relocated to Nampa, Idaho, during World War II. After the war, they moved to Spokane, Washington, where their father, Dr. Susumu Fukuda, opened a dental practice.
Work-leave crew (ddr-densho-5-8)
img Work-leave crew (ddr-densho-5-8)
Japanese Americans harvesting sugar beets on the Lundeen farm. The Tom Matsuoka family relocated permanently to Montana. Other workers were from Tule Lake concentration camp who received permission to leave during the sugar beet harvest. Front (left to right): Ray Marks, Gus Lundeen, and John Matsuzawa. Back: Rulee Matsuoka (child on far left), unidentified, Itaro Ito, …
Work-leave crew (ddr-densho-5-9)
img Work-leave crew (ddr-densho-5-9)
These Japanese Americans received permission to leave the Tule Lake concentration camp in California to work on the Garner farm for the sugar beet harvest. They are standing in front of the bunkhouse. Front (left to right): Toshio Ito, Kenji Yoshino, and Kay Yamaguchi. Back: Joe Matsuzawa, Ted Matsushita, and Roy Matsuzawa.

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