Group eating Sukiyaki dinner on a ship

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Meriko Maida Collection

Photograph of three tables eating sukiyaki on the deck of the ship. Handwritten in blue ink are the following names: "Y. Matsuo", "Mitsuko Neeno", "V. Vasnelell", and "[illegible]ronel". Imposed in red font are "Mitsuko", "Meriko" and "Sumi" identifiying Mitsuko "Mitzie" (Neeno) Nishimoto, Meriko Maide, and Sumi Sakurai who traveled to Japan together in 1937. Caption on webpage: "Leaving San Francisco \ Meriko traveled second class" and "In addition to Mitsuko Neeno, Meriko had left the Richmond area with Sumi Sakurai, who was returning to Japan."

c. 1937


Still Image


Courtesy of Meriko Maida Collection, Densho