Kazuo Otani Collection


The Kazuo Otani Collection includes some of the Otani family's documents from Gila River and booklets published by the Gila News-Courier summarizing the first and second years of the time spent by inmates at Gila River. The Otani Collection also includes the 1997 memory book from the Gila River Relocation Camp reunion and booklets related to the 50th anniversary of the Oxnard Buddhist Church.

1942-1945, 1979, 1997


12 documents


Courtesy of Kazuo Otani Collection, Densho

12 Objects

War Ration Book (ddr-densho-469-1)
doc War Ration Book (ddr-densho-469-1)
A war ration book issued to Kazuo Otani. Some stamps remain in the book. The front of the book has identification information, and the back has instructions on how to use the book.
Clothing vouchers (ddr-densho-469-2)
doc Clothing vouchers (ddr-densho-469-2)
Clothing vouchers for Hamaki, Hamako, and Kazuo Otani.
Reassignment slip (ddr-densho-469-3)
doc Reassignment slip (ddr-densho-469-3)
A reassignment slip reassigning Kazuo Otani to work as a barber.
Reclassification assignment (ddr-densho-469-4)
doc Reclassification assignment (ddr-densho-469-4)
A reclassification assignment for Kazuo Otani to a new section.
Gila River Coop refunds (ddr-densho-469-5)
doc Gila River Coop refunds (ddr-densho-469-5)
Two receipts for payment of patronage refunds are addressed to Hamako and Kazuo Otani. The envelope is addressed to "Mrs. Hanako Otani."
Resettlement Assistance forms (ddr-densho-469-6)
doc Resettlement Assistance forms (ddr-densho-469-6)
A letter addressed to Hamako Otani for the Otani family that includes economic assistance forms. The forms include a justification of economic resources, a statement of economic resources, and the amount for the approved grant.
Check transmittal (ddr-densho-469-7)
doc Check transmittal (ddr-densho-469-7)
A receipt and check to cover services for October 1942, addressed to Kazuo Otani.
A Year at Gila Anniversary Booklet (ddr-densho-469-8)
doc A Year at Gila Anniversary Booklet (ddr-densho-469-8)
Includes the legend of Gila, a history of the beginning of the Gila River, facts, and maps of the Gila River, as well as summaries of Gila's River's various organizations, departments, work, and activities.
Second Year at Gila (ddr-densho-469-9)
doc Second Year at Gila (ddr-densho-469-9)
A summary of the second year spent by camp inmates at the Gila River Relocation Center. Topics on the second year of the camp include the camp's administration, involvement in the war, predominant religions, schools, agriculture, recreation, and population, ending with a timeline of events.
Gila River Relocation Camp Reunion (1997) (ddr-densho-469-10)
doc Gila River Relocation Camp Reunion (1997) (ddr-densho-469-10)
A memory book from the Gila River Relocation Camp Reunion from June 6-8, 1997. Pictures of the Gila River Reunion Committee, reunion, and reunion registrants are included. The book also includes a note from the advisor Sei Dyo, a transcript of a speech delivered by California Assemblyman Nao Takasugi, a reunion update, and a directory of …

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