Issei clearing land

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J. Egashira Collection

Karoku (George) Nakashima helps clear the land on his family's dairy farm. Clearing farmland was an arduous task, since many areas were heavily wooded and riddled with stumps or were swampland. Issei were unable to purchase land in their own names due to alien land laws (and were prohibited, until 1954, from becoming American citizens). In order to farm, many Issei cut timber, dynamited stumps, and dug ditches in exchange for use of the land they were clearing. However, this was not the case with the Nakashima family. Kamezo and Miye Nakashima bought the property in their oldest son's name, since he was an American citizen. This was commonly done by the Issei to circumvent the alien land laws. Days, Washington no longer exists. The site previously known as the Nakashima dairy farm is currently near the town of Arlington in Snohomish County.



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Courtesy of the J. Egashira Family Collection

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