George Sunada Collection


Collection of George Sunada's military service and redress appeal.


1944-1945; 1997-1998

2 photographs, 2 newspaper clippings, 5 miscellaneous documents related to military service or redress.


Courtesy of George Sunada Collection, Densho

9 Objects

George Sunada (ddr-densho-415-1)
img George Sunada (ddr-densho-415-1)
Black and white full body photograph of George Sunada in uniform standing outside with military barracks in the background.
George Sunada (ddr-densho-415-2)
img George Sunada (ddr-densho-415-2)
Black and white portrait of George Sunada in uniform. Stamped on the back is "Lively Studio 528 1/2 Maia St. P. O. Box 962 Hattiesburg, Miss." in black ink.
George Sunada Timeline 1919-1947 (ddr-densho-415-3)
doc George Sunada Timeline 1919-1947 (ddr-densho-415-3)
Short biographical timeline of George Sunada's life from his birth in 1919 till 1947. Primarily focused on his work at Green River railroad yards in Wyoming.
Go For Broke Card (ddr-densho-415-4)
doc Go For Broke Card (ddr-densho-415-4)
Business type card with George Sunada's military assignments and post-war work.
George Sunada's Honorable Discharge (ddr-densho-415-5)
doc George Sunada's Honorable Discharge (ddr-densho-415-5)
Copy of George Sunada's Honorable Discharge papers from the US Army.
Newspaper clipping (ddr-densho-415-6)
doc Newspaper clipping (ddr-densho-415-6)
Photocopy of a newspaper clipping from the Rock Springs Rocket on the mass firing of Japanese Nationals from the railroad industry.
Redress appeal (ddr-densho-415-7)
doc Redress appeal (ddr-densho-415-7)
Copy of George Sunada's appeal for redress eligibility. Documents how his and his family's constitutional rights were violated by the federal government.
Magazine Clipping (ddr-densho-415-9)
doc Magazine Clipping (ddr-densho-415-9)
Clipping from the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation Newsletter on the donation of George Sunada's military uniform to the Heart Mountain Interpretative Center.