Masao Roy Hayashi Family Collection


Collection contains one Hayashi family photo, Masao's senior yearbook from Poston's high school, and a letter from his brother in the army to his sister in camp.



1 photograph, 1 letter, and 1 yearbook.


Courtesy of the Masao Roy Hayashi Family Collection, Densho

3 Objects

1944 Poston High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-412-1)
doc 1944 Poston High School Yearbook (ddr-densho-412-1)
Masao Roy Hayashi's 1944 high school yearbook "El Chaparal" from Poston High School.
Hayashi Family Photo (ddr-densho-412-2)
img Hayashi Family Photo (ddr-densho-412-2)
Photograph of three generations of the Hayashi family posed in front of an American Flag. Back row left to right: Sueko Barbra Hayashi, Natsuye Ruth Hayashi, Torao Hayashi, Tomiko Jane (Hayashi) Noda and Yoshiko Louise (Hayashi) Kubo. Seated left to right: Ruby Hayashi, Ichimatsu Hayashi, Yoneyo (Ikeda) Hayashi holding Ronald Hayashi; Kazumi John Hayashi and Lorraine …
Letter from Torao Hayashi to Lousie Hayashi (ddr-densho-412-3)
doc Letter from Torao Hayashi to Lousie Hayashi (ddr-densho-412-3)
Letter from Torao Hayashi to his sister Yoshiko Lousie Hayashi in Poston. In the letter Torao mentions meeting mutual friends, a delay in getting the family photograph, his brother Roy not completing school, and someone in the hospital. Torao Hayashi was killed in action just a few days after writing this letter.