Patricia Shigeno Collection


Collection contains 27 photographs of hops farms in Oregon, community activities, and family pictures.




Courtesy of Patricia Shigeno Collection, Densho

27 Objects

Large group (ddr-densho-388-1)
img Large group (ddr-densho-388-1)
Photograph of large group of men, women and children gathered on a hops farm. Captions on front of photograph: "Sept 1936" in black ink and "K.Chiquo, Hop Grower Sec-1 1936 No. 14." from the negative. Caption on the back is partially obscured, reads "Sept. 8 193 Chas. Chikuo Ranch, Independence Aug" and stamped in purple ink …
Chikuo Hop Ranch (ddr-densho-388-2)
img Chikuo Hop Ranch (ddr-densho-388-2)
Photograph of 7 men and a young girl standing on a wooden platform next to a truck loaded tall with bags. Caption on the front of the photograph "Chikuo Hop Ranch Sept. 1936" Caption on the back: "Taken Sept. 8, 1936 at Chikuo Hop Ranch Independence, Aug." and stamped in purple ink "Trover Studio Salem, Oregon"
Large group of children (ddr-densho-388-3)
img Large group of children (ddr-densho-388-3)
Photograph of a large group of predominately children, posed together around small American flags. Caption on front of photograph: "1927". Caption on back of photograph mostly obscured however the word "picnic" is visible.
Family photo (ddr-densho-388-4)
img Family photo (ddr-densho-388-4)
Photograph of a woman and four children posed together of a photograph. Caption on the back: "Aug. 17, 1945"
Two men (ddr-densho-388-5)
img Two men (ddr-densho-388-5)
Photograph of two unidentified men inside a workshop. Caption on photograph is "'38"
Three people (ddr-densho-388-6)
img Three people (ddr-densho-388-6)
Blurry photograph of three unidentified people. Caption on photograph: "'40"
Young child (ddr-densho-388-7)
img Young child (ddr-densho-388-7)
Photograph of two children standing together outside a house.
Two children (ddr-densho-388-8)
img Two children (ddr-densho-388-8)
Photograph of an unidentified child smiling outside a house.
A car (ddr-densho-388-9)
img A car (ddr-densho-388-9)
Photograph looking straight at the front of a car.
Two children (ddr-densho-388-10)
img Two children (ddr-densho-388-10)
Photograph of two unidentified children sitting on the edge of a porch.

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