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The Inyo County Free Library Collection consists primarily of documents published by the War Relocation Authority. The collection also contains the transcripts of several speeches given by personnel from the Manzanar concentration camp, California, and correspondence regarding establishing a library at Manzanar.



Inyo County Free Library

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Manzanar from the Inside (ddr-densho-342-3)
doc Manzanar from the Inside (ddr-densho-342-3)
Text of an address delivered before the Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, California, July 31, 1942.
Toy Loan Library (ddr-densho-342-4)
doc Toy Loan Library (ddr-densho-342-4)
Booklet describing the Manzanar Toy Loan Project organized by Ruth Beckwith, Senior Elementary Teacher.
A Barrack Becomes a Home (ddr-densho-342-5)
doc A Barrack Becomes a Home (ddr-densho-342-5)
Cooperative project in Homemaking by the students of the Home Economics and Woodshop Departments of the Manzanar Secondary School. Booklet prepared by Beatrice H. White, Home Economics Supervisor, Manzanar Secondary Schools. Some pages missing.
America in the War and America in the Peace (ddr-densho-342-7)
doc America in the War and America in the Peace (ddr-densho-342-7)
Address given by Manzanar Project Director Ralph Merritt, May 30, 1944. It was the concluding address in a series of eight discussions called "America in the Making."
Education Section Summary (ddr-densho-342-8)
doc Education Section Summary (ddr-densho-342-8)
Report to Manzanar Project Director Ralph Merritt and his general staff meeting.

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