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Games at a picnic (ddr-densho-321-278)
img Games at a picnic (ddr-densho-321-278)
Lines of people with legs tied together participating in a game.
Military portrait (ddr-densho-321-290)
img Military portrait (ddr-densho-321-290)
Caption: "Fujii Masatoshi, 1LT AO3004839, 10 June 1955."
Air Force pilots (ddr-densho-321-294)
img Air Force pilots (ddr-densho-321-294)
Caption: "Ladd AFB, Fairbanks, Alaska / Chuck Gaylord, Ott Evans, Jim Lee, Pat Frickelton[?], [?]."
Newspaper clipping (ddr-densho-321-296)
doc Newspaper clipping (ddr-densho-321-296)
Article titles: "Point Barrow News" and "Gen. Armstrong Will Head AAC."
Golf scorecard (ddr-densho-321-297)
doc Golf scorecard (ddr-densho-321-297)
Scorecard for the Fort Richardson Golf Course.
Interior of a cockpit (ddr-densho-321-299)
img Interior of a cockpit (ddr-densho-321-299)
Notation:"868G-4-LAFB-16JAN56-A/C ACC-F-89D-52-1862A."
Man works on plane in snow (ddr-densho-321-300)
img Man works on plane in snow (ddr-densho-321-300)
Notation:"868G-4-LAFB-16JAN56-A/C ACC-F-89D-52-1862A."

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