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Theodore Akimoto Family Collection


The Theodore Akimoto Family Collection consists of materials from Theodore Akimoto's time with the 44nd Regimental Combat Team, Military Intelligence Service, 71st Signal Service Battalion, and Photo Division SCAP. The majority of the images document Ted Akimoto's time as a U.S. Army photographer during the occupation of Japan.



5 sketchbooks, 2 books, approximately 254 black and white photographic prints


Courtesy of the Theodore Akimoto Family Collection

253 Objects

A Japanese officer after surrender (ddr-densho-299-4)
img A Japanese officer after surrender (ddr-densho-299-4)
Caption on reverse: "Officer in / charge of one / detachment of / returning soldiers."
Workers gathered for speeches (ddr-densho-299-5)
img Workers gathered for speeches (ddr-densho-299-5)
Caption on reverse: "Workers / gathered for / May Day speeches."
A man working on a wooden barrel (ddr-densho-299-6)
img A man working on a wooden barrel (ddr-densho-299-6)
Caption on reverse: "?-49-1942. 25 March 49. / ? Project: / Wooden tub maker - extensive / wood in household utensils. / Photographer - Crowe / Photograph by U.S. Army."
Crops growing in bombed out buildings (ddr-densho-299-7)
img Crops growing in bombed out buildings (ddr-densho-299-7)
Caption on reverse: "FEC-49-2015. 30 March 49 / NRS Project: / Production of food crops among bombed / out buildings showing utilization of / every available space. / Photographer-Crowe / Photograph by U.S. Army."
A farmer hoeing a field to plant rice (ddr-densho-299-8)
img A farmer hoeing a field to plant rice (ddr-densho-299-8)
Caption on reverse: "FEC-47-77281. 14 July 47 / Rice planted in Japan: / A rice paddy near Mount Fuji, Japan, / is prepared for planting by hoeing / unplowed portions of the field by / hand. This field, flooded to a / depth of eight inches, will do its / part in alleviated Japan's serious / …
Farmers planting rice (ddr-densho-299-9)
img Farmers planting rice (ddr-densho-299-9)
Caption on reverse: "FEC-47-77282. 14 July 47 / Rice planting in Japan: / Japanese farmers force shoots / of rice into sodden earth of / a paddy located near Mount Fuji, / Japan. This extra-large rice / paddy is part of a ceaseless / battle against starvation in Japan. / Photographer - Kaye / Photograph by …
Farmers weeding potato fields (ddr-densho-299-10)
img Farmers weeding potato fields (ddr-densho-299-10)
Caption on reverse: "FEC-48-6063. 17 July 48 / Crop collection report: / In Japan, as is shown in this picture / taken in the Urawa area, Saitama / Prefecture, farmers weed their / potatoes by hand. / Photographer - Calmus / Photograph by U.S. Army Signal Corps."

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