Shimomura Collection


The Shimomura Collection contains yearbooks and documents from the concentration camps and Assembly Centers.



41 books and documents


Courtesy of the Shimomura Collection, Densho

41 Objects

A Tule Lake Interlude (ddr-densho-291-1)
doc A Tule Lake Interlude (ddr-densho-291-1)
This collection of poems and stories related to life in Tule Lake was published on concentration camp's first anniversary.
Mojave Memo (1943) (ddr-densho-291-2)
doc Mojave Memo (1943) (ddr-densho-291-2)
The 1943 yearbook for Poston I Senior High School.
Onlooker (1943) (ddr-densho-291-6)
img Onlooker (1943) (ddr-densho-291-6)
The 1943 yearbook for Amache Senior High School.
Aquila (1944) (ddr-densho-291-8)
doc Aquila (1944) (ddr-densho-291-8)
The 1944 yearbook for Tri-State High School.
Tempo (1944) (ddr-densho-291-9)
doc Tempo (1944) (ddr-densho-291-9)
The 1944 yearbook for the high school in Heart Mountain concentration camp.

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