Fresno Grapevine Vol. I No. 14 (July 8, 1942)

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Fresno Grapevine Collection

Selected article titles: "Basic English Class Starts, 250 Enrolled" (p. 1), "We're Not Leaving Yet" (p. 1), "Concerning Japanese Print" (p. 1), "Impressive Ceremonies Features Center Fourth" (p. 1), "Recreation Leaders Pave Way for Organized Play" (p. 2), "Improvement Highlights in a Nutshell" (p. 3), "New Evacuees Arrive" (p. 3), "1,000 Eaters Send Melons Down Alimentary Canal" (p. 3), "Saburo Kido Visits Center" (p. 4), "Baton Classes Started" (p. 4), "Center Firemen Flash Shiny New Badges" (p. 6), "Mess Halls, Latrines, Showers Inspected Daily" (p. 6).

July 8, 1942




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Copyright restricted