Fresno Center News Vol. I No. 1 (May 23, 1942)

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Fresno Grapevine Collection

Selected article titles: "Center Population Reaches 3,855. Cowart Says Four Fifth Capacity" (p. 1), "Center Head Welcomes Evacuees. Pulliam Says 'Hello'" (p. 1), "Plans Made for Library" (p. 1), "Plans Made for Library" (p. 1), "Avoid Sun Stroke" (p. 1), "Introducing the Center Supervisors" (p. 1), "Center Store Opens. Come and Get It" (p. 1), "Editorial: The Birth of Our Paper" (p. 2), "Editorial: For Community Cooperation" (p. 2), "Opportunity for Self-Analysis" (p. 2), "If Your Lights Go Out" (p. 3), "First Center Hop Held Monday Night" (p. 3), "Report for Typhoid Inoculation on Time" (p. 3), "Work Will be Given Evacuees" (p. 4), "Center Mess Kitchens are Under Improvement" (p. 4).

May 23, 1942




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Copyright restricted