Arbo-Gram Vol. I No. 1 (May 23, 1942)

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Arbo-Gram Collection

Selected article titles: "Block Monitors Organized" (p. 1), "Hospital Facilities Increased" (p. 1), "Mess Workers Praised" (p. 1), "Visitors Day" (p. 1), "It Can't Happen Here!!!" (p. 2), "Sports Program Mapped. Construction Under Way for Early Diversion" (p. 3), "Attention! Boy Scouts Introduced" (p. 3), "Children's Play Center Now Open on West Side" (p. 3), "Scrip for Goods" (p. 4), "Library Formed" (p. 4).

May 23, 1942




Courtesy of the Hoover Institution Library

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Copyright restricted