Horiuchi Collection


The Horiuchi Collection contains family photos belonging to Densho narrator Bernadette Suda Horiuchi. The photographs chronicle her life in pre-World War II Seattle to her marriage to artist Paul Horiuchi and life in Wyoming.



19 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the Horiuchi Family Collection

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Copyright restricted

19 Objects

School orchestra (ddr-densho-174-1)
img School orchestra (ddr-densho-174-1)
Back (L to R): Dorothy Harden, Pearl Kaiser, Dorothy Bertusky, Jean Turnbull, Octavia Forthoffer, Adrienne Gallagher, Margaret Bowers. Front: Mary Suda, Catherine Omizo, Bernadette Ratigan, Hanna Powers.
Elementary school class (ddr-densho-174-3)
img Elementary school class (ddr-densho-174-3)
Teacher: Mrs. Kellog. Back row (L to R): Harold Bennett, Haruko Aramaki. Middle row: Harry Jenson, Clarence Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, David Thomason, Fred Croober, Mineko Yamaguchi, Aiko Suguro. Front row: Helen Jenson, Vivian Drummond, Ruth Blye, Helen Senior, Mary Suda, Kathleen McCreary, Sueko Yamaguchi, Ona Grosvenor, Winifred Evans. Not pictured: Mark Keltner, William Hardman, Weslet Bovell, …
Second grade class (ddr-densho-174-4)
img Second grade class (ddr-densho-174-4)
Bellevue School. Teacher Mrs. Carlson. Top row (L to R): Harold Bennett, William Hardman, Vivian Drummond, Dorothy Collins, Sophia L. Huquel, Phyllis Hill, Priscilla Martin, Gertrude Hentchel, Muriel Sandfords, Ralph (last name unknown), Keith Manfull, Stuart Gravis. Middle row: Joe Matsuzawa, Charles Emerson, Winnifred Evans, Haruko Aramaki, Mineko Yamaguchi, unknown, Wesley Bovee, David Thompson, Marguerite Schafer, …
Third grade class (ddr-densho-174-5)
img Third grade class (ddr-densho-174-5)
Bellevue School. Teacher: Mrs. Louise Carlson. Top row (L to R): Muriel Sandfords, Helen Seniors, Irma Williams, Kathleen McCreary, Vivian Drummond, Haruko Arakami, unknown, Stuart Groves, Helen Hardman, Clarence Johnson. Middle row: Mary Suda, Aiko Suguro, Ruty Blye, Marguerite Shafer, Helen (last name unknown), Josephine Snow, Ruth Studebaker, Dorothy Collins, Sadie Waham, Gertrude Henchel, Thelma Grosvenor, …
Sixth grade class (ddr-densho-174-6)
img Sixth grade class (ddr-densho-174-6)
Teacher: Betty M. Lyman. Top row (L to R): Philip Adle, Raymond Maynard, Wesley Boner, David Thomason, Kenneth Johnson, Mark Kiltner. Middle row: Eddie Hawkins, Almos Michael, Marguerite Schafer, Helen Darnell, Baba Jeanne Sears. Bottom row: William Hardman, Ruth Blye, Judith Olson, Mary Suda, Marcella Mullins, Josephine Snow, Mary Burns.

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