George Ochikubo Collection


This collection is comprised of photographs taken by George Ochikubo, a native of Portland, Oregon. During World War II, he and his family were removed to the Granada (Amache) concentration camp, Colorado, where he took numerous striking and dramatic photographs using a 4x5 speed graphic camera. In memory of George Ochikubo.



304 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the George Ochikubo Collection

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Barracks and street (ddr-densho-159-7)
img Barracks and street (ddr-densho-159-7)
Group in front of Block 7-F, the camp's Block Information Office. Japan's Red Cross sent barrels of soy sauce, packages of miso and tea to Amache via the exchange ship USS Gripsholm. Each block received a portion of the shipment.
Newman's Drug Store (ddr-densho-159-9)
img Newman's Drug Store (ddr-densho-159-9)
George Ochikubo, a native of Portland, Oregon, was a talented photographer who took numerous photographs of the Granada (Amache) concentration camp, Colorado. He used a 4x5 speed graphic camera.

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