Katayama Collection


The Katayama collection contains photographs from the Katayama family. The photos include portraits taken in Japan in the early 20th century, as well as photographs depicting life in Tule Lake concentration camp, California, during World War II.



8 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the Katayama Family Collection

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8 Objects

Family photograph (ddr-densho-154-1)
img Family photograph (ddr-densho-154-1)
Photo donor's aunt, Masako Nakagawa, pictured with husband Masato, holding their infant daughter Seiko. Also in the photograph are Masako's uncle and aunt, the Yamasakis. Masako was born in Seattle, Washington, but was sent back to Japan at a young age and never returned to the U.S. She died of disease in Hiroshima during World War …
Family portrait (ddr-densho-154-2)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-154-2)
Photograph donor's grandparents and mother. (L to R): family friends Mr. and Mrs. Ono, Genichi Nakagawa, Itsuyo Nakagawa holding Toshiko Nakagawa.
Two Nisei men and a boy in a concentration camp (ddr-densho-154-3)
img Two Nisei men and a boy in a concentration camp (ddr-densho-154-3)
Photo donor's uncle, Fred Nakagawa and his son. A family friend, Ken Sekiguchi, is in army uniform.
Two Nisei women in a mess hall (ddr-densho-154-4)
img Two Nisei women in a mess hall (ddr-densho-154-4)
Photo donor's mother, Toshiko Nakagawa, on the right with an unidentified friend.
Nisei girl in camp (ddr-densho-154-5)
img Nisei girl in camp (ddr-densho-154-5)
Photo donor's aunt Kiku Nakagawa. She was in a fatal automobile accident in 1953.
Issei woman in front of a house (ddr-densho-154-6)
img Issei woman in front of a house (ddr-densho-154-6)
Photo donor's grandmother, Itsuyo Nakagawa. Her husband worked in a sawmill.
Boy Scout scoutmaster card (ddr-densho-154-7)
doc Boy Scout scoutmaster card (ddr-densho-154-7)
This card was issued to the photo donor's father, who was from Bainbridge Island, Washington.