Rohwer Outpost Vol. III No. 13 (August 14, 1943)

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Rohwer Outpost Collection

Selected article titles: "Inspection of Vehicles at Motor Pool is Essential" (p. 1), "Notice! Repatriates' Families" (p. 1), "Resettlement in New York" (p. 3), "Exchange of Nationals to Take Place in India" (p. 3), "First Court Case Settled" (p. 3), "Blocks Sanitation to be Cared for by New Set-up" (p. 3), "Public Invited to View Red Cross Safety Films" (p. 5), "Notes on Malaria Mosquitoes" (p. 5), "Center Fires at All-Time Low" (p. 5), "Editorials: The O-Bon Festival" (p. 6), "Liberal 'Californian'" (p. 6).

August 14, 1943




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