Gila News-Courier Vol. III No. 14 (September 23, 1943)

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ddr-densho-141-157 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i141-00157)

Gila News-Courier Collection

Selected article titles: "Consolidation of Blocks Seen" (p. 1), "Permanent Council for Canal Takes Office Oath" (p. 1), "Editorial: Job Must be Done" (p. 2), "New York: Committee Writes to F.D.R." (p. 2), "Tule Lake Rumors Discredited" (p. 3), "High School Class Room Renovation Plans Given" (p. 3), "27 Not Criteria for Loyalty" (p. 3), "Hot Dogs!! And We Do Mean Hot" (p. 5).

September 23, 1943




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