Gila News-Courier Vol. I No. 1 (September 12, 1942)

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Gila News-Courier Collection

Selected article titles: "School Program Well Underway" (p. 1), "Latest Arrivals Swell Population of Colony" (p. 1), "Rivers' Honors Pima Indian" (p. 1), "Work Begun on Netting Project" (p. 1), "Is Mass Internment Unfair?" (p. 2), "Policies Outlined By E.R. Smith: Statement" (p. 3), "Colony Council Plan Presented: Commission to be Selected" (p. 3), "Center Churches to be Constructed by W.R.A." (p. 3), "Pasteurized Milk Served" (p. 3), "Internal Security Assured Residents" (p. 3), "Jobs Open for Mess Workers" (p. 4), "Posters Mark Boundary Lines" (p. 4), "Medical Staff Busy" (p. 7).

September 12, 1942




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