M. Ohashi Collection


The M. Ohashi collection includes three photographs of the Tamura family, who operated Royal Dye Works in the Fremont area of Seattle prior to World War II. These photographs were also used in the book, The Green Lake Japanese American Community, 1900-1942.



3 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the M. Ohashi Family Collection

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Dye works picnic (ddr-densho-135-1)
img Dye works picnic (ddr-densho-135-1)
Dye works shop owners gather for a picnic, a common social activity for families in the business. (L to R): Yae Kumakura, Gonnojo Tamura, Yasuye Shimizu, Suma Tamura.
Two Nisei girls in front of dye works (ddr-densho-135-2)
img Two Nisei girls in front of dye works (ddr-densho-135-2)
Approximately 15 Japanese American families in North Seattle operated dye works businesses before World War II. These two girls are standing in front of the Royal Dye Works, located at 716 North 34th Street in the Fremont neighborhood. (L to R): Esther Hiyama, Marian Tamura.
Japanese American family (ddr-densho-135-3)
img Japanese American family (ddr-densho-135-3)
This family operated the Royal Dye Works in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. (L to R): George, Marian, Yoshio, Mr. Tamura.