Grant Hirabayashi Collection


The Grant Hirabayashi Collection features five photographs and documents from the personal collection of Grant Hirabayshi, who was interviewed by Densho in 2006. The collection focuses on Mr. Hirabayashi's work as one of the famed Merrill's Marauders during World War II and as an interpreter and translator during the U.S. occupation of Japan.



3 photographic prints, black and white; 3 documents


Courtesy of Grant Hirabayashi

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Copyright restricted

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Japanese surrender ceremony (ddr-densho-127-2)
img Japanese surrender ceremony (ddr-densho-127-2)
Two American soldiers stand at the Supreme Headquarters of the Chinese Army, location of the surrender ceremony. (L to R): Lt. Col. John Burden, Chief of Sino Translation and Interrogation Center, Grant Hirabayashi.
War Crimes Trial (ddr-densho-127-3)
img War Crimes Trial (ddr-densho-127-3)
A Nisei court monitor (left foreground) observes the western army case during a war crimes trial.
img Korean "comfort women" (ddr-densho-127-4)
Grant Hirabayashi (far right) questions recently liberated Korean "comfort women."