Manzanar Free Press Relocation Supplement Vol. 1 No. 17 (August 11, 1945)

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Manzanar Free Press Collection

Selected article titles: "First Granada Returnee Inducted Into Army" (p. 1), "Issei, Nisei Work on Sheep Ranch in Cozad" (p. 1), "WRA Office Workers Meet With Resettlers" (p. 1), "Catholic Charities Offer Housing, Work for Six Family Units" (p. 2), "Nisei Eligible for Housing Project Home" (p. 2), "Buddhist Church Opens Hostel in Detroit" (p. 2), "Jobs Open in Chicago Canning Establishment for Issei and Nisei" (p. 4), "YMCA Sponsors Picnic for St. Louis Nisei" (p. 5).

August 11, 1945




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