Manzanar Free Press Vol. II No. 57 (November 30, 1942)

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Manzanar Free Press Collection

Selected article titles: "For a Very Merry Christmas" (p. 1), "Attempted Arson Foiled as Store Blaze Quenched" (p. 1), "Block 12 Boasts Largest Nisei Group" (p. 1), "Chief of Police Gilkey Donates Blood to Sick" (p. 1), "Distinguished Visitors Tour Manzanar Area" (p. 1), "Co-op Educational Committee to Meet" (p. 1), "Shoyu Name Contest" (p. 1), "Collegiate Dance Hailed Successful" (p. 1), "Seventy-four Get Releases for Relocation by F.B.I." (p. 1), "Announce Eligibility for Old Age Pension" (p. 1), "October Payments Issued to Workers" (p. 1), "To Pour Cement in Foundation of Factory" (p. 1), "Lucy Adams Hears Report on School Progress Here" (p. 3).

November 30, 1942




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