Pacific Citizen Christmas 1945 Issue Section IV

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Pacific Citizen Collection

Selected article titles: " ACLU Director Says: RACIAL DISCRIMINATION -- Our Last Big Problem" (p. 1), "A Returnee's Survey: Postwar and the Nisei" (p. 1), "Eyes and Ears of the Allied Pacific Forces: The Story of Fort Snelling, Training Ground for Our Japanese American Linguists" (p. 2), "The Service Flags: A Short Story by Bill Hosokawa" (p. 3), "'None of Them Wanted To Stay Out of the Fight'" (p. 4), "Washington Citizens Committee Considers Relocation Situation" (p. 4), "'I Meet a Nisei'" (p. 4), "Student Approved for Collegiate Who's Who" (p. 5), "Becky Hasegawa Heads Nisei Girls Group in Minneapolis" (p. 5), "A Christmas Message: To the Men of the 442nd" (p. 6), "Nisei Girl Reporter Elected to Post in Newspaper Union" (p. 6).





Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita