Pacific Citizen Vol. 21 No. 23

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Pacific Citizen Collection

Selected article titles: "Chicago Nisei Lieutenant Finds Mother, Brother Alive in Atom-Bombed City of Hiroshima" (p. 1), "New Escheat Case Filed by State in Fresno County" (p. 1), "Japan Occupation Ineffective Without Nisei GIs, Says Moore" (p. 1), "Aged Evacuee Hangs Self at Tule Lake Center" (p. 1), "Anti-Nisei Boycott Dropped By Los Angeles Market Union" (p. 1), "Child Found Murdered at Tule Lake Camp" (p. 1), "Women Fined for Assault On Issei Man" (p. 1), "Transport Sails With Evacuees For Hawaii" (p. 2), "Repatriates Permitted to Take Securities Back to Japan" (p. 2), "Minor Age Deportees Will Be Permitted to Return to U.S." (p. 3), "Canadian Government Plans To Deport Alien Repatriates, Review Cases of Citizens" (p. 3), "Navy Barracks Provide Housing For Evacuee Group" (p. 3), "Saskatchewan Will Take Share of Canadian Evacuees" (p. 3).





Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita