Pacific Citizen Vol. 21 No. 10

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Pacific Citizen Collection

Selected article titles: "Army Revokes All Coast Exclusion Orders" (p. 1), "Japanese American Soldiers Among First U.S. Troops to Land on Japan's Home Islands" (p. 1), "Anti-Nisei Group Organizers Face Fraud Charge in Seattle" (p. 1), "Harper's Article Says Coast Evacuation of Nisei Citizens "Our Worst Wartime Mistake"" (p. 1), "Nisei Sergeant Reported Killed on Day Before V-J" (p. 2), "Five Tule Lake Youths Freed From Camp Jail" (p. 2), "Sgt. Mike Masaoka Awarded Legion of Merit by 5th Army" (p. 2), "Protest Canadian Program for Repatriation of Evacuee Group" (p. 2), ""Tokyo Rose" Reported Nisei Girl; Detained by Army" (p. 3), "U.S. Coast Guard Revokes All Special Wartime Restrictions Against Japanese Americans" (p. 3), "ACLU Official Protests WRA Coast Policy" (p. 3), "Report Nisei GIs Overseas Alarmed by West Coast Racism" (p. 5), "Evacuees Aided at Hostel" (p. 6), "False Citizenship Claim Results in Two-Year Jail Term" (p. 7), ""Important Role for Nisei Seen in Occupation" (p. 7), "Fair Play Urged by General Held by Japanese" (p. 8), "Many Tule Lake Camp Residents Plan Relocation" (p. 8).





Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita