Minidoka Irrigator Vol. II No. 8 (January 27, 1943)

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Minidoka Irrigator Collection

Selected article titles: "Ex-Senator Will Speak Here Friday" (p. 1), "Masaoka Voices Plea For Unity. Outlines JACL's Fight For Nisei" (p. 1), "Coast Cities in Winter's Grip; Storm Hits Seattle. Reported Worst in Two Decades" (p. 1), "Share-croppers Still Recruited" (p. 1), "Editorial: For Unity -- Now!" (p. 2), "Need of Unity Stressed in Talk" (p. 2), "Pardon, But the Name is Bitterbrush. Or Purshia Tridentata, Authority Explains" (p. 3), "More Students Get Releases. Three Pick Wash. State College" (p. 3), "YMCA Official Here Jan. 31. Will Conduct Series Of Meetings" (p. 4), "Relocation Projects Should Be Left Alone. Transfer Of Control Unwise, Says Tule Lake Teacher" (p. 4), "4550 Employed Here. Public Works Division Leads In Number Of Male Employees" (p. 5), "More Than 500 Meal Tickets Out, Steward Reveals" (p. 5), "Farm Machinery in Storage Sought" (p. 6), "30,000 Tons of Coal In" (p. 7), "Teachers Help Speeds Work Of Leaves Division" (p. 8), "What's the Matter With Iowa?" (p. 8).

January 27, 1943




Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita

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