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Affidavit (ddr-csujad-12-26)
doc Affidavit (ddr-csujad-12-26)
This affidavit belongs to Tsugitada Kanamori. It states that in 1945 he was repatriated to Japan in 1945 and that he did not swear allegience to the United States of America. According to the affidavit, Kanamori did so in order to keep his family together and to remain in camp. He also asserts that he was …
Attached answers to affidavit questions (ddr-csujad-12-27)
doc Attached answers to affidavit questions (ddr-csujad-12-27)
This item contains the more in-depth answers to questions on the affidavit that Tsugitada Kanamori submitted. In these extended answers to questions about Kanamori's repatriation to Japan and his refusal to pledge allegiance to the United States, he discusses his fear of violence and desire to keep his family together which resulted in his answering of …

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