Military service

The story of Japanese Americans in the military during World War II is complex and in many ways ironic. It is a story of mistrust by the very country for which these soldiers placed themselves in harms' way. Many were drafted directly out of the camps and fought for democracy abroad while their parents and families were incarcerated by their own government.

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Military service (1159)

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1159 items
Honor Roll sign (ddr-densho-37-755)
img Honor Roll sign (ddr-densho-37-755)
Original WRA caption: This huge "Honor Roll" on the main street in Watsonville contains many Japanese names, some with Gold Stars. The boys were former resident of the community and it is hoped that a lot of them will be able to return.
Military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-663)
img Military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-663)
Original WRA caption: Volunteers for induction into the U.S. Army to serve in a special combat team of Japanese-Americans. At foot of flag pole stand H.L. Stafford, project director and right, Philip Schafer, assistant project director.
Soldiers and families (ddr-densho-37-526)
img Soldiers and families (ddr-densho-37-526)
Original WRA caption: Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colorado. Blue Star Mothers and wives and visiting soldiers.
Japanese American military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-669)
img Japanese American military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-669)
Original WRA caption: The three Onodera brothers volunteer for the Army while the entire family looks on. Front row: Mr. And Mrs. Toyosuke Onodera, Satoru, Sergeant Carl E. Teurk, Back Row: Fumi, Yutaka, Kaun, Ko, Lieut. Stanley D. Arnold, Sergeant Eugene F. Jenrick and Sergeant Akira Kato.
Certificate of appreciation awarded to Takami Hibiya (ddr-densho-381-132)
doc Certificate of appreciation awarded to Takami Hibiya (ddr-densho-381-132)
A certificate of appreciation for Takami Hibiya's service with the United States strategic bombing survey in the Pacific Theater of Operations.