Support from the non-Japanese American community

During mass removal and incarceration, Japanese Americans received outside support and assistance from religious organizations, civil rights groups, and other concerned individuals. The American Friends Service Committee was one of the most active groups to help the Japanese American community during World War II. Committee members donated educational materials to the camp schools and libraries and were influential in persuading the government to allow Nisei to leave the camps for colleges in the interior of the country. Ministers, peace activists and other supporters of the Japanese American community often visited the camps and spoke out publicly against the incarceration. Church groups across the country also organized clothing and food drives for the camp inmates.

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Support from the non-Japanese American community (207)

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Walt Woodward Segment 1 (ddr-densho-1000-104-1)
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Recalling the mass removal: "The soldiers were the ones that were crying"
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vh Fred Okrand Interview Segment 1 (ddr-densho-122-15-1)
Trying to create a test case with the ACLU to challenge the mass removal

This interview was conducted by filmmaker Frank Abe for his 2000 documentary, Conscience and the Constitution, about the World War II resisters of conscience at the Heart Mountain incarceration camp. As a result, the interviews in this collection are typically not ...