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Story of the 442nd Combat Team (ddr-csujad-55-352)
doc Story of the 442nd Combat Team (ddr-csujad-55-352)
Pamphlet on the history, activation, training, and battles of the 442nd Combat Team, composed of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, 522nd Field Artillery Battalion, and 232nd Combat Engineer Company. Includes maps and photographs. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: sac_jaac_0354
Ben Kuroki's Story (ddr-densho-483-136)
doc Ben Kuroki's Story (ddr-densho-483-136)
Pamphlet of a speech delivered by Technical Sergeant Ben Kuroki, U.S. Air Force, to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on January 4, 1944 published by the Pacific Coast Committee on American Principles and Fair Play.