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Portrait of woman (ddr-densho-359-28)
img Portrait of woman (ddr-densho-359-28)
Stamped on bottom of photograph "Jukes Bellingham".
Woman and children (ddr-densho-359-373)
img Woman and children (ddr-densho-359-373)
From left to right: Donnie, Alice Kawamoto, Kenji
Women and children (ddr-densho-359-650)
img Women and children (ddr-densho-359-650)
Caption beneath the photograph in the album is in Japanese.
Woman and child (ddr-densho-359-886)
img Woman and child (ddr-densho-359-886)
The caption in the album is written in Japanese.
Woman and man (ddr-densho-359-21)
img Woman and man (ddr-densho-359-21)
Japanese American man and woman pose in front of a car.
Photograph proofs (ddr-densho-359-486)
img Photograph proofs (ddr-densho-359-486)
A sheet of photograph proofs including photographs from a butcher, outdoor winter scenes, and indoor scenes.
Women pose on dock (ddr-densho-359-332)
img Women pose on dock (ddr-densho-359-332)
From top to bottom and left to right: Sadako, Yaeko, Toshiko, Yukiko