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Portrait of three children (ddr-densho-353-25)
img Portrait of three children (ddr-densho-353-25)
Shigeru, Yuki, and Masu Osawa. Caption in album: "Among the first second-generation Japanese to be born in Seattle were the Osawa children." Their ages and birth years are written on the back.
Family in front of house (ddr-densho-353-24)
img Family in front of house (ddr-densho-353-24)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenji Mori with their first child, in front of their first home in Mukilteo.
Japanese American man and boy (ddr-densho-26-66)
img Japanese American man and boy (ddr-densho-26-66)
Akio Yanagihara (left) pose with an unidentified man.
Japanese American man (ddr-densho-26-269)
img Japanese American man (ddr-densho-26-269)
Caption written on back of photograph in Japanese
Japanese American wedding party (ddr-densho-26-288)
img Japanese American wedding party (ddr-densho-26-288)
Includes a post-it reading "Moriyama Takadano Baba Tokyo", also includes what is probably a diagram naming the people in accordance to location in the photo on page 2.
Japanese American family (ddr-densho-26-65)
img Japanese American family (ddr-densho-26-65)
Kinnosuke, Aiko and Mitsue Yanagihara pose in front of a house.