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Personality cards (ddr-csujad-26-43)
doc Personality cards (ddr-csujad-26-43)
Journal entries written by high school students discussing their observations and perspectives on a variety of topics including family interactions, memories, homesickness, friendships, social interactions, school, self-reflection, juvenile delinquency, peer behaviors, death, religion, opinions, and worldviews. Each entry includes the full date and student name. The entries were part of a class assignment and collected for ...
Messhalls in Tule Lake (ddr-csujad-26-23)
doc Messhalls in Tule Lake (ddr-csujad-26-23)
Report describing the mess halls of Tule Lake including: administrative organization, operations, personnel, duties, conflicts, wages, food procurement and distribution, food preparation, schedules, sample menus, dietary accommodations, food rationing and shortages, seating capacity, seating arrangements and systems, utensils, and incarceree attendance. The report analyzes workers and incarceree behaviors, status, mental faculties, disposition, religion, age, and gender. ...
Japanese American man and boy (ddr-densho-26-66)
img Japanese American man and boy (ddr-densho-26-66)
Akio Yanagihara (left) pose with an unidentified man.
Japanese American man (ddr-densho-26-269)
img Japanese American man (ddr-densho-26-269)
Caption written on back of photograph in Japanese
Japanese wedding (ddr-densho-26-257)
img Japanese wedding (ddr-densho-26-257)
Jan-ichiro Tsukeimoto and Tsuneko - written on post-it note affixed to inside cover.
Japanese family (ddr-densho-26-205)
img Japanese family (ddr-densho-26-205)
Written on the bottom of the photograph "R. Kuchiji, Feb 1937"