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War Relocation Authority form: Stores Record (ddr-densho-155-34)
doc War Relocation Authority form: Stores Record (ddr-densho-155-34)
This form was used in Minidoka concentration camp's procurement office.
doc Memorandum: "Newspaper Attack on Japanese Americans by Marjorie Young" (ddr-densho-156-103)
Memo forwarded to Reports Officers by John C. Baker, Chief, Office of Reports. The original memo was written by John F. Embree, Senior Archivist.
Manzanar from the Inside (ddr-densho-156-99)
doc Manzanar from the Inside (ddr-densho-156-99)
Text of an address delivered before the Commonwealth Club of California by Roy Nash, Manzanar project director.
Dealing with Japanese-Americans (ddr-densho-156-102)
doc Dealing with Japanese-Americans (ddr-densho-156-102)
Attachment forwarded to WRA staff members by Dillon S. Myer. The attachment was written by John F. Embree, Documents Section, Office of Reports.
doc Memorandum: "Use of the terms 'Japanese', 'Camps' and 'Internment'" (ddr-densho-156-100)
Copy of a memo sent to Regional Directors and Project Directors by WRA Director Dillon S. Myer.
War Relocation Authority personnel (ddr-densho-159-56)
img War Relocation Authority personnel (ddr-densho-159-56)
Front row, fifth from the left is Rosalind "Posy" Walls. She served as a teacher at Amache High School 1944-45, teaching English and serving as adviser to the high school yearbook.