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List of Governmental Agencies Which Are Authorized to Provide Financial Assistance (ddr-densho-356-957)
doc List of Governmental Agencies Which Are Authorized to Provide Financial Assistance (ddr-densho-356-957)
A list of Federal Governmental Agencies that can provide financial assistance and a description of what each agency can provide.
Reporting Notes (ddr-densho-356-944)
doc Reporting Notes (ddr-densho-356-944)
Notes on what is needed in a report for the State Department of Child Welfare.
Blank form (ddr-densho-356-961)
doc Blank form (ddr-densho-356-961)
Blank form for new arrivals or overnight visitors.
Pre-School Education Report (ddr-densho-402-5)
doc Pre-School Education Report (ddr-densho-402-5)
This report on preschool education in Manzanar documents and appraises the nursery-kindergarten program. Contents include Preface; Introduction; Pre-School Staff; Organization of the Pre-School Program; The School Plant; A Day in the Pre-School; the Health Program in the Pre-Schools; Training of Pre-School Teachers; Parent Relationship Program; and the Pre-Schools in the Community.
Soldiers Dependency Allowances (ddr-densho-402-2)
doc Soldiers Dependency Allowances (ddr-densho-402-2)
Document that contains information about Japanese American soldier's dependency allowances. Contents include Welfare Section's Responsibility; History of Class B Army Allowances to Center Residents; Problems Reflecting Unique Character of the Community; Relationship to Center Red Cross Unit; Other Services to Soldiers' Dependents; Extent of Army Dependency at the Center; and Conclusions.
Summary of Experience and Education of Cecil F. Prichett (ddr-densho-402-7)
doc Summary of Experience and Education of Cecil F. Prichett (ddr-densho-402-7)
Resume of Cecil F. Prichett that includes education, employment, and membership.
Family Counseling Program (ddr-densho-402-1)
doc Family Counseling Program (ddr-densho-402-1)
Typewritten report concerning Family Counseling Program at Manzanar written by Cecil Prichett and includes sample reports and forms. Contents include Background, Development of Program, Staff Organization and Training, Interviewing Program Plan, Outline and Scope of Interviews, Analysis of Findings, Benefits Accomplished, Conclusions, and Illustrative Materials.
Letter to Buddy T. Takata (ddr-densho-402-3)
doc Letter to Buddy T. Takata (ddr-densho-402-3)
Correspondence from Marie R. Prichett to Buddy T. Tanaka, Director of Administration at the Japanese American National Museum. She references a report of activities of the Welfare Department that her husband Cecil F. Prichett wrote while working in the Welfare Department in Manzanar from July 1994 until the project closed. She also mentions a professor from …
Advice of Personnel Action (ddr-densho-402-4)
doc Advice of Personnel Action (ddr-densho-402-4)
This document is about Marie A. Prichett's appointment as secondary school teacher at Manzanar in 1944.