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Oakland Buddhist Church butsudan (ddr-densho-357-272)
img Oakland Buddhist Church butsudan (ddr-densho-357-272)
A decorative butsudan, or shrine, sits within the Oakland Buddhist Church.
Bussei Conference (ddr-densho-357-355)
img Bussei Conference (ddr-densho-357-355)
Reverend Sasaki and girls from the Young Buddhists Association attend the Bussei (Buddhist Nisei) Conference in San Francisco.
Stockton Buddhist Church (ddr-densho-357-397)
img Stockton Buddhist Church (ddr-densho-357-397)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Stockton Sunday School Farewell picture, Taken by Mr. Shibata."
Lumbini Club (ddr-densho-357-258)
img Lumbini Club (ddr-densho-357-258)
Five girls from the Lumbini Club, dressed in similar uniforms, participate in the Oakland Buddhist Church Dedication Ceremony. Left to right: Fumi Masada, Shizu Goto, Yukie Yoshioka, unidentified girl (name illegible), Hanako Yoshioka Terakawa.
Chuo Bukkyo Gakuin (ddr-densho-357-579)
img Chuo Bukkyo Gakuin (ddr-densho-357-579)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Chuo Bukkyo Gakuin Farewell Party, March 1934."
Hawaiian-American Buddhist Conference (ddr-densho-357-363)
img Hawaiian-American Buddhist Conference (ddr-densho-357-363)
Attendees of the Hawaiian-American Buddhist Conference visit the beach near San Francisco.