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Misty (Kiyomura) Takeoka (ddr-one-1-742)
img Misty (Kiyomura) Takeoka (ddr-one-1-742)
Black and white photographic negative of Misty (Kiyomura) Takeoka modeling inside the Oregon Camera Club's studio. She sits against a white backdrop frowning slightly, her dress is spread out in away from her body in a circle.
Kuroko Studio envelope (ddr-densho-390-2)
doc Kuroko Studio envelope (ddr-densho-390-2)
Photograph envelope with a total of $1.00 and advertisement for Ansco Film.
U. Oyama in the photo studio, Amache Co-op (ddr-csujad-55-1564)
img U. Oyama in the photo studio, Amache Co-op (ddr-csujad-55-1564)
Black and white photograph of U. Oyama taking a photograph of a young girl in the photography studio at Amache Consumer Enterprises, Amache incarceration camp. From the Amache Co-op Souvenir Album, page 28. See also sac_jaac_1530 through sac_jaac_1589. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: sac_jaac_1566