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Japanese American farmhouse (ddr-densho-9-27)
img Japanese American farmhouse (ddr-densho-9-27)
The Shiraishis' family dog, Chubbie, sits in front of their farmhouse.
Japanese Americans picking vegetables (ddr-densho-15-80)
img Japanese Americans picking vegetables (ddr-densho-15-80)
This farm may have belonged to a local Japanese American farmer.
Packaging berries (ddr-densho-25-2)
img Packaging berries (ddr-densho-25-2)
Matahichi and Kisa Iseri leased a farm in Sumner and grew raspberries for various canneries. The wooden berry "cups" were handmade locally. Left to right: Matahichi Iseri carrying oldest son Tom, Kisa Iseri, and their nephew, Tsukasa Iseri.
Man cutting spinach (ddr-densho-25-100)
img Man cutting spinach (ddr-densho-25-100)
Nasoji Kume cutting spinach for the cannery. (Identification on the photograph.)
Japanese Americans on a farm (ddr-densho-26-7)
img Japanese Americans on a farm (ddr-densho-26-7)
Back (left to right): Rokubei and Shizue Murakami. The woman seated in front is unidentified.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 102, No. 23 (June 13, 1986) (ddr-pc-58-23)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 102, No. 23 (June 13, 1986) (ddr-pc-58-23)
Selected article titles: "Request for Redress Support Gets Results" (pp. 1, 10), "Canadian Redress Plan Submitted" (pp. 1, 12), and "Talk on Seabrook Farms Slated" (p. 3).
Pleasant Beach Gardens (ddr-densho-34-68)
img Pleasant Beach Gardens (ddr-densho-34-68)
Pleasant Beach Gardens was operated by the Furuta family.