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Buddhist church dedication parade (ddr-densho-109-49)
img Buddhist church dedication parade (ddr-densho-109-49)
Dedication of the first Buddhist church in Tacoma, Washington. This parade began in the Red Room in the Hiroshima Hotel.
Brookville Gardens (ddr-densho-109-64)
img Brookville Gardens (ddr-densho-109-64)
Left to right: Mrs. Terayama, Kameo Yamamoto, Haruaki Yotsuuye (driving).
Wedding (ddr-densho-109-53)
img Wedding (ddr-densho-109-53)
This photo is of the first Buddhist wedding in Tacoma, Washington.
Tacoma, Washington's Central School (ddr-densho-109-87)
img Tacoma, Washington's Central School (ddr-densho-109-87)
At the time this photograph was taken, the school was segregated.
Buddhist parsonage (ddr-densho-109-45)
img Buddhist parsonage (ddr-densho-109-45)
This was the first Buddhist parsonage in Tacoma, Washington.
Japanese American nurse (ddr-densho-109-17)
img Japanese American nurse (ddr-densho-109-17)
This woman, Teru Uno, was the first Japanese American nurse at Tacoma General Hospital.