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Barn (ddr-densho-359-266)
img Barn (ddr-densho-359-266)
The old packing house at the Ishida's berry patch.
Leland School (ddr-densho-359-227)
img Leland School (ddr-densho-359-227)
A photograph of the front of Leland School from 1922.
Farmer (ddr-densho-359-267)
img Farmer (ddr-densho-359-267)
Mr. Ishida rests outside the packing house.
High school senior portrait (ddr-densho-359-232)
img High school senior portrait (ddr-densho-359-232)
The photograph is signed "Sincerely, Yoshie 1931". The caption under the photograph in the album is " Yonchan - high school graduatioin".
Issei men and woman (ddr-densho-359-149)
img Issei men and woman (ddr-densho-359-149)
Kaichi and Itsuno Kawamoto (center and right) pose with another identified person.
Kawamoto house and fields (ddr-densho-359-700)
img Kawamoto house and fields (ddr-densho-359-700)
Three people stand in a field with the Kawamoto house and outbuildings in the background.
Lake (ddr-densho-359-610)
img Lake (ddr-densho-359-610)
Caption beneath the photograph "Taken March 16, 1930 Sunday".
Old barn and house (ddr-densho-359-219)
img Old barn and house (ddr-densho-359-219)
In the foreground the old Kawamoto house and the backgroun the old barn.
Students (ddr-densho-359-256)
img Students (ddr-densho-359-256)
Alice Kawamoto poses with Marion Kelly outside of the school. he caption on the page in the album is "Last Day of school at Quilcene".
Leland School 8th grade class (ddr-densho-359-226)
img Leland School 8th grade class (ddr-densho-359-226)
Group photograph of the 8th grade class of Leland School. Pictured from left to right Ella Taylor, Rodger Ramsay, Margaret Ramsey, Donald Numberg, Alice Kawamoto, Billie Stout, and Violet Cunningham.
Girl (ddr-densho-359-228)
img Girl (ddr-densho-359-228)
Caption under the photograph is "Yoncahn".
Kawamoto family portait (ddr-densho-359-8)
img Kawamoto family portait (ddr-densho-359-8)
Written on back "Mr and Mrs K. Kawamoto with Joe, Jeanette and baby" Pictured from left to right Joe Kawamoto, Itsuno Kawamoto, Kaichi Kawamoto with baby Pauline and Jeanette Kawamoto.
Woman and child (ddr-densho-359-936)
img Woman and child (ddr-densho-359-936)
A woman and child relax on the front lawn of the Kawamoto house.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-359-999)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-359-999)
The Kawamoto family sit for a portrait. Back row from left to right: Shigeko, Joe, Masaaki, Pauline Front Row from left to right: Jeanette, Kaichi, Kenji, Itsuno, Alice
Kawamoto siblings (ddr-densho-359-360)
img Kawamoto siblings (ddr-densho-359-360)
Alice Kawamoto poses with her brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Shigeko, in front a car.
High school portrait (ddr-densho-359-5)
img High school portrait (ddr-densho-359-5)
Students post for high school group photograph. Alice Kawamoto is in the 3rd row 8th from left. Written on the back of the photograph is the name of each student with their graduation year in the order they appear in the photograph. Students unpictured are listed at the bottom.
Farm House (ddr-densho-359-352)
img Farm House (ddr-densho-359-352)
Kawamoto farm in Leland, Washington in the fall of 1938.