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Interview with Takeshi Kameoka, (audio) (ddr-csujad-56-2)
av Interview with Takeshi Kameoka, (audio) (ddr-csujad-56-2)
Sonoma County resident Takeshi Kameoka was interviewed on April 15, 1978, by a Sonoma State University student for the North Bay Ethnic Archive Project. He talks about early life, moving to Japan with his family following father's death, returning to US and taking up vegetable farming. Discusses church as center of Japanese American community. See this …
An Oral History with Norman Y. Mineta (ddr-csujad-29-55)
vh An Oral History with Norman Y. Mineta (ddr-csujad-29-55)
Japanese American congressman, representing the Thirteenth Congressional District of California, born and raised in San Jose, California, discusses his early life, graduation from the University of California, Berkeley, and receiving a commission and serving in the armed forces from 1953-1956. Recalls the removal, "relocation," and incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II at the Heart …