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Parade (ddr-densho-480-63)
img Parade (ddr-densho-480-63)
A man drives a float down a road. Behind the float are some people marching; one person holds an American flag.
Four people outside a building (ddr-densho-480-58)
img Four people outside a building (ddr-densho-480-58)
One man and two women stand against a wall to the left. Another man is standing to the right. The people stand under rows of bells.
A small group of people at a picnic (ddr-densho-480-25)
img A small group of people at a picnic (ddr-densho-480-25)
In the foreground, two women sit on a bench in front of a tarp; one of the women holds a baby in her lap. A child sits on the ground in front of the women. In the background, some men sit around some food, with a tarp behind them. Plates and bottles can be seen on …
Blank postcard (ddr-densho-480-3)
img Blank postcard (ddr-densho-480-3)
A postcard depicting rooms and people inside a Japanese Methodist Home. The text reads "Japanese Methodist Home S.F.".
The New Japanese American News 1949 Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-54)
doc The New Japanese American News 1949 Yearbook (ddr-densho-474-54)
Postwar directory of Japanese Americans living across the United States published by Shin Nichibei (Los Angeles Japanese newspaper). Names and community organizations are listed alphabetically by geographic region (states listed generally from west to east followed by Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and South America). Includes 220-page photographic advertising section for Japanese-owned businesses …
Draft essay:
doc Draft essay: "It is obvious that mr. w. h. anderson is neither" (ddr-densho-468-154)
Reflection on racism, anti-Japanese sentiment, Japan's military government, and Japanese-American identity.
Group photo (ddr-densho-458-2)
img Group photo (ddr-densho-458-2)
Seven men, four women and a dog sitting for a photo. Seated is Harry Higaki and kneeling is Naomi Higaki. Left to right: Juichi Higaki, Chiyo Higaki, Nobuo Higaki, Mr. Nozaki, Shigeru Higaki, Mr. Okudda, Motoko Higaki, Emiko Higaki, and Tami Nozaki.
Higaki children (ddr-densho-458-5)
img Higaki children (ddr-densho-458-5)
Six Higaki children, one in a stroller. Left to right: Juichi, Aiko, Emiko (seated), Harry, Naomi, and Shigeru. Caption on back in Japanese translated by donor as the children's names and date of August, 1931
Naomi Higaki standing in front of a car. (ddr-densho-458-3)
img Naomi Higaki standing in front of a car. (ddr-densho-458-3)
Written on front: for Mae / As Always Naomi. Date on back: 5/11/1952
Higaki family (ddr-densho-458-6)
img Higaki family (ddr-densho-458-6)
Six members of Higaki family on steps. Left to right: Shigeru, Juichi, Motoko, Emiko, Aiko, and Nobuo. Written on back: Taken June 2, 1946
Japanese Language School graduation (ddr-densho-458-93)
img Japanese Language School graduation (ddr-densho-458-93)
Eight kids and two adults in a framed folder, during the Japanese Language School Graduation in Redwood City, California, with a Japanese and an American flag behind them. Front row-left to right: Eiko Honda, Juichi Higaki, Mr. Kono, Kiyoko Kono, Namiko Honda. Back row-left to right: Kenji Yamane, Naomi Higaki, Pete Kashima, Hiroshi Nakano, Elmer Adachi. …
Nursery workers (ddr-densho-458-27)
img Nursery workers (ddr-densho-458-27)
15 nursery workers. Front row: 2nd and 3rd from let: Naomi Higaki and Mr. Isobe. Second row: 3rd and 4th from left: Fumiko Isobe and Ruth Belasco. Back row: Shigeru Higaki (partially hidden by Belasco)