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Poems (ddr-densho-468-91)
doc Poems (ddr-densho-468-91)
Four notebook sheets with handwritten poems taped to a sheet of copy paper
Story notes and two poems (ddr-densho-468-15)
doc Story notes and two poems (ddr-densho-468-15)
Three notecards on one sheet. The first card has story notes describing the relationship between three characters. The second and third cards have an unfinished draft of a sonnet.
Song Lyrics:
doc Song Lyrics: "I wonder as I wander" (ddr-densho-468-25)
Transcript of Appalachian folk hymn attributed to folklorist John Jacob Niles
Three poems (ddr-densho-468-23)
doc Three poems (ddr-densho-468-23)
Three typed poems: 1. "I Miss You Most" by Gordon Heath; 2. Barnyard Muse by Joseph Ishikawa(?); 3. Hay Fever by Joseph Ishikawa(?)
doc Draft: "He was bewildered" (ddr-densho-468-162)
Handwritten poetry draft reflecting on anti-Japanese slur
doc Poem: "Tell me not that" (ddr-densho-468-36)
Handwritten draft with calendar written on top of page
Journal entry with poem (ddr-densho-468-28)
doc Journal entry with poem (ddr-densho-468-28)
Reflection on high school with poem "Ah, Dame Spring"
Short story notes and poem (ddr-densho-468-84)
doc Short story notes and poem (ddr-densho-468-84)
Two handwritten papers. One has notes for a short story. The other has a poem.