Temporary Assembly Center

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Mass removal (ddr-densho-151-49)
img Mass removal (ddr-densho-151-49)
Original WRA caption: Woodland, Yolo County, California. Ten cars of evacuees of Japanese ancestry are now aboard and the doors are closed. Their Caucasian friends and the staff of the Wartime Civil Control Administration stations are watching the departure from the platform. Evacuees are leaving their homes and ranches, in a rich agricultural district, bound for …
Interview with George Hamamoto, (audio) (ddr-csujad-56-1)
av Interview with George Hamamoto, (audio) (ddr-csujad-56-1)
Sonoma County resident George Hamamoto was interviewed on June 20, 1978, by a Sonoma State University student for the North Bay Ethnic Archive Project. He discusses growing up in Sebastopol, the family grocery store, removal to Assembly Center in Merced, then incarceration at Granada (Amache) camp. Discusses organization and administration of camp, and return to Napa …